Authentic quality does not change, but only improved. “Shato Brewery” – the first restaurant with its own brewery in Ukraine, which over 12 years has been hosting guests from around the world. The world’s best tradition embodied in the original recipe of the Ukrainian beer.

In 2003, in the heart of Kiev opened a completely new format for Ukraine places – a restaurant with an open mini-brewery. That is like the SHATO legend began. Italian Brand equipment for the “Slavutych Shato brewery” was given by the company “Slavutich” (now the «CarlsbergGroup»).
For the live unfiltered and unpasteurized beer production, we use the uncompromisingly high quality raw materials: natural Ukrainian pale malt and special varieties of caramel malt made in Germany, the Czech fragrant and bitter German hops, yeast that is produced by the leading German and French producers and crystal-clear water as well. Each and every batch of beer “Shato brewery” takes control and tasting on physico-chemical, biological and taste standards in the accredited laboratories of “UkrPivo ‘and Carlsberg group.

Over the years, the basic principles of the Shato brewery is uncompromising best classical brewing traditions adherence. In each of the four author`s beer varieties, which are prepared only in the restaurant, you can find the traits of our masters, knowledge of brewers generations as an expression of the immense love and respect for their work.


Brand beer SHATO is prepared in an open brewery in the heart of the restaurant. Attention to connoisseurs in the menu traditionally presented 4 sorts of beer: three main varieties – Silver, Gold and Platinum, as well as one seasonal variety that best suits the mood of our guests. Each batch of beer passes a quality control carried out by brewing experts at the end of the brewing process.

«Robert Doms Silver»

Density 12%, Alcohol 5%

Easy grade unfiltered light pasteurized beer with pleasant hints of hops

«Robert Doms Golden»

Density 13%, Alcohol 5%

Noble variety of unfiltered unpasteurized beer, which combines pure malt flavor and rich aroma hop

«Robert Doms Oatmeal Stout»

Density 14%, Alcohol 5.5%

Variety of whole lager, does not like to rush. Unfiltered and unpasteurized beer with a rich taste

«Robert Doms Wheat»

Density of 12%, Alcohol 5.0-5.2%

Sort light unfiltered beer with citrus and flowery taste


Оlexander Tkachenko

Our brewer-technologist watches for compliance recipes, improves it, develops its recipes, and introduces new ones technology: - I have a higher education at the Kiev National University of Food technologies, specialty "Technology of fermentation production". We We produce four grades of beer from a light classical lager to heavy, dark varieties of staut. We do not have filtration and pasteurization of beer, so we boldly call it alive. The entire brewing process involves many stages that represent particularly complex technologies. At each specific stage Alexander evaluates the result.

Phrase from the brewer. “Doctors say: 5 beers reduce the risk of badly celebrating a holiday together.”


We do not create sophisticated culinary delights, we just prepare a delicious meal. In the “Slavutych Shato brewery” has everything to appeal to fans of high-quality rest. Only fresh products, only the skill and coherence in the our chefs work guarantee each guest aesthetic pleasure and rich taste of the world’s most popular and traditional Ukrainian dishes.

Not surprising that the menu of the SHATO restaurant-brewery consist of perfect complementary and highlighting the flavor of the beer dishes. In addition to salads, cold appetizers, pizzas, sausages, soups and desserts, each guest has the opportunity to evaluate a wide range of meat dishes. Legendary Steaks T-Bone, Rib-ah, New York, Chateaubriand steak, Pepper steak are the pride of our cuisine. For their preparation we use chilled fresh premium beef meat, in accordance with the standards of cooking. By the way, the kitchen in our restaurant is also open. Everyone can watch the process of cooking. We advise necessarily enjoy grill menu. Hospitable Ukrainian soul does not allow us to let go of hungry guests.